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Enclave Games Monthly Report: November 2023

GitHub Universe was my opportunity to finally fly to a conference this year, and Ewa managed to package and ship js13kGames 2023 swag - it seems November was pretty decent in terms of the job done, which is nice.

Enclave Games - Monthly November 2023


Well… no.


Not much beside event reporting.


Ewa spent her time this month preparing the js13kGames 2023 packages containing t-shirts, gadgets (pins, patches, medals), plus stickers, and then shipping everything worldwide.

Enclave Games - Monthly November 2023: js13kGames t-shirt

It seems we’ve wrapped this year’s competition - the last thing to do is to start publishing t-shirt selfies from those who got their swag already and shared the good news on social media.


I haven’t travelled anywhere to give a talk at a conference before November, beside doing some online activities, so being able to fly to United States for the GitHub Nova and Universe conferences (thanks to being a GitHub Star) was simply awesome.

Enclave Games - Monthly November 2023: GitHub Universe

I bonded more with the Stars group during that week in San Francisco than I did in the past two years online, and it reminded me how important physical gatherings are.

I was judging entries in the Web3 Game Jam co-organized by Yield Guild Games, Web3 Games Guild, and OP Games.

Enclave Games - Monthly November 2023: W3C Games CG about Godot

We also had our W3C Games online meetup in November - this time about Godot 4. There are already plans for the next one in January.


I’ve been invited to a FireDev podcast to talk about js13kGames - the audio recording should be out before the end of the year.

I’m already thinking about Gamedev.js Jam 2024 and js13kGames 2024 - there’s not much rest between the editions.

Plans for the next month

Conducting Gamedev.js Survey 2023 (already open and ongoing), this year with the support from Poki (thanks folks!).

Trying to wrap a bunch of smaller tasks before this year ends.