Captain Rogers

Hyper casual mobile HTML5 game.
Captain Rogers

Captain Rogers

It's simple, yet very engaging game about brave Captain Rogers and his escape through an asteroid field.

PEGI 3 | Arcade | Hyper Casual | Mobile | Landscape | HTML5 | Impact | Web Monetization

Released: 06/2013 | Last updated: 07/2013

This game is available for licensing.

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Tap the screen to fly up, release to fly down. Collect the stars and shields, avoid asteroids and mines. Grab the bomb to blow up everything on screen!

Making of

The very first finished HTML5 game of both Enclave Games and BlackMoon Design. The game was one of the greatest hits running on the Firefox OS devices. A month after being released it was enhanced with achievements, and next year it was showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Read the making of blog post for more details.


Coding: Andrzej Mazur | Design: Robert Podgórski


Captain Rogers - mainmenuCaptain Rogers - storyCaptain Rogers - howtoplayCaptain Rogers - gameplay