Forest Cuties

Sweet little game for kids.
Forest Cuties

Forest Cuties

Enjoy playing a memory game including cute forest animals, explore the vast collection of unlockable characters with fun facts about each and every one of them.

PEGI 3 | Arcade | Hyper Casual | Mobile | Portrait | HTML5 | Phaser | Web Monetization | NFT

Released: 06/2021

This game is available for licensing.

Play the game


Tap on the cards to match them until you reveal all the pairs. Play against the time and number of moves, or go for the chilling Zen mode. Select from a few board sizes for various difficulty levels.

Making of

Based on a series of posters Ewa did for our daughter's room, which evolved into a physical card game, and later turned into a mobile one. Unlockable cards via Web Monetization and an NFT. Read the making of blog post for more details.


Coding: Andrzej Mazur | Design: Ewa Mazur


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